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PseudoNetCDF provides tools for converting CAMx Fortran binary I/O formats to NetCDF that can be read and processed by many other tools (e.g., nco, cdo, Panoply, ncview, NCL, etc). As a part of the conversion, it also offers many data processing options. PseudoNetCDF processes across dimensions (slicing and aggregating) and files (differencing, ratioing, etc), and can create arbitrary expressions.

PseudoNetCDF relies on the power and simplicity of the NetCDF4 Python interface and can be called from the command line or in python scripts.  Installation instructions and examples are provided at the following link:


PseudoNetCDF is developed and maintained by Dr. Barron Henderson.  Please direct questions, comments, and issues concerning PseudoNetCDF using the link above.