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Download CAMx

CAMx is publicly available at zero cost.  Before downloading CAMx you will be asked to accept conditions under which you can use the code.

CAMx is available back to v5.40.  Click the link below to access source code, version-specific inputs, and user's guides for each version.

Download CAMx Version 7.10 Posted January 8, 2021

NOTE: CAMx is written in Fortran and is designed for platforms running Unix/Linux, including Apple Mac OSx.  The build scripts provided with CAMx do not support Windows/DOS.

Join CAMx user group to receive notices about upgrades and new releases of CAMx and supporting programs.  Contact us to learn more.

For earlier versions of CAMx prior to v5.40, please send a request to CAMx.

Important Message Regarding CAMx and netCDF v4.6.2+

We have verified that netCDF C libraries starting with v4.6.2 cannot process the CAMx I/O file global attribute "NAME" when file compression is used.  This is related to updates to the netCDF C library accessing the HDF5 compression algorithm.  This issue has been resolved in CAMx v7.10 but persists for earlier versions of CAMx.

This link provides a list of commands as guidance to build an earlier version of netCDF that will allow the global attribute "NAME" when using compression.  This is not a command script; the commands should be run independently.