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CAMx 2-Day Test Case

We provide a test case to help new CAMx User's get started and permit performance benchmarking.  The test case is based on the US EPA's 2016 Modeling Platform that includes a large North American domain (36-km mesh) and a nested domain covering the Eastern U.S. (12-km mesh).  The test case includes inputs and outputs for 2 days of simulation over June 10-11, 2016.  Gas-phase chemistry is treated using the CB6r4 mechanism, and PM is treated with the "CF2" 2-mode option.

The model inputs are divided into three tar files (met, emissions and other).  We compiled CAMx using Portland Group PGF90 Compiler v13.4, Intel IFORT Compiler v15.0, and Gnu Gfortran Compiler v4.4.7.  Three different tar files provide the resulting model outputs for comparison.  The "version-specific" file contains chemistry parameter input files and test case job scripts specific to CAMx v7.10.

Meteorological inputs for test problem (CAMx v7.1)

Emission inputs for test problem (CAMx v7.1)

Other inputs (IC/BC, photolysis, etc) for test problem (CAMx v7.1)

Test problem outputs using CAMx v7.10 (PGF90).

Test problem outputs using CAMx v7.10 (IFORT).

Test problem outputs using CAMx v7.10 (GFORTRAN).

Version-specific files for CAMx v7.10 (chemistry parameters and job scripts).

To get data and test files for CAMx versions prior to v7.10, please send a request to CAMx.